I went to E3 yesterday and it was good.

There were a ton of good looking Game Boy Advance games in development. Super Monkey Ball and the next Castlevania looked great. So did Metroid and Zelda, even if they’re just remakes of the Super Nintendo versions.

The GameCube scene has a lot of promise. The games this year were amazing. I’d have to give a Best of Show award to Zelda on the GameCube. The graphics were unreal. Every scene of in-game animation looked as if it had been drawn by an artist, not rendered by a machine. Pretty amazing.

Nothing on the PS2 really blew me away this year. There were lots of beautiful games, but none that really stuck out in my mind.

I didn’t really bother checking out the XBox stuff. Those controllers are dumb, and the third-party replacements are even worse.

On the PC side of things, Blizzard was pushing World of Warcraft and Warcraft III. Warcraft III has been at least three E3 shows now. I think it’s time to push that puppy out.

We wanted to check out the Sims Online but it was an invitation-only event and a big huge security guard was blocking the door. Attention EA- You are dumb.

I kind of want a GameCube, but I kind of want to see if those videos of a working GC mod chip are real first…

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