Saturday Tammy and I went to Robbins Bros and I wrote the biggest check of my life – ever! The ring is really nice though. Its got a platinum band, the diamond is 1.21 carats, and there’s four side stones for an additional 0.25. Hoo-wee!

After that we stopped by Downtown Disney to see Spiderman and grab some dinner. We went to Rainforest Cafe and the wait for a table was two hours. TWO HOURS! But check this out – Tammy’s a member of the Safari Club. She flashed her card and bingo bango, we got put at the front of the line and were seated instantly. A lifetime membership in the Rainforest Cafe safari club is a whopping $10. It gets you front-of-the-line privileges as well as 10% off or a free appetizer on every visit. It paid for itself pretty quickly! How do you join the Safari club? Just ask your server at any RC location. I kind of felt sorry for everybody that we cut in front of, but hey, we had the hookup and they didn’t! Suckas!

Sunday I picked up a Dremel tool to help ease in the installation of my soon-to-arrive Afterburner kit. I’ll try to post some before and after photos once I’ve got it installed. I want to play with the Dremel now, but I don’t really have anything to use it on just yet. Doh!

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