Last week Tammy and I spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her friend Marilyn was getting married and we went down there for a week to attend the wedding with a bunch of her friends and family. If you’re not familiar with the area, Cabo is located smack dab on the southern tip of Baja California.

We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Ros� for the week and had a grand ol’ time.

I also learned that real Mexicans don’t listen to the crappy accordion music that you hear all over spanish-language radio in LA. Real Mexicans listen to house music and American top 40 hits – en espanol!

We went horseback riding, waverunnering, and ATVing.

The horseback ride was along the beach at sunset. It was fun, but I almost fell off on two occasions when we had to wait for the tide to go down before we could run across the beach.

Wave runnering was fun too. I drove and Tammy sat on the back, hanging on to me for dear life! It was action packed.

The coolest thing that we did by far was ride ATVs for two hours across the enormous sand dunes of Cabo with a full 360 degree view of the beach in front of us and the desert behind us. ATVs and sea turtles don’t mix, so there was a fence about 100 feet from the ocean keeping ATVs away from the beach. There were also a bunch of ATV trails with lots of banked turns and sharp curves to keep you on your toes!

The wedding was pretty amazing. It was held in a rented-out mansion/villa on the beach in a private gated community. (Mexican President Vicente Fox’s own mansion was right down the street!) Apparently the house was owned by the road manager for the Rolling Stones! The house had its own pool and walkway down to the beach.

The wedding itself was an outdoor affair, right down on the beach with everyone in attendance in bare feet. Afterwards we headed back up to the house for an evening of food, music, and general tomfoolery.

I didn’t take any pictures, but Tammy shot three rolls of film. Lots of people had digital cameras with them too, and as soon as I track them down I’ll try to post some pictures of our activities and the wedding. Stay tuned!

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