This morning I kissed Tammy goodbye before she left for the airport. She’ll be in Las Vegas for a four day software conference. I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to do any traveling for my job. It is a hassle!

On the way home from her house I stopped at Staples to pick up a spindle of blank CDs. Whenever I buy a 50 CD spindle, I’m like “Dude. That’s a lot of CDs. There is NO WAY I’ll ever use them all.” I remember saying that a lot though, so I went for the big guns and got a 100 CD spindle. (I think it’s a waste of money now, but I’ll thank myself when I’m on #49!)

Back in the day when CD burning was new, I was hardcore into getting the CDRs that came with jewel cases. Soon I came to realize that when you accumulate a lot of them, things get really awkward, really fast! So I decided – no more jewel cases for me! They’re good for transporting one or two discs from point A to point B, but I’m convinced that soft-sided mass storage is the way to go.

After Staples I cruised through the Wienerschnitzel drive-thru. My car hit 50,000 miles this morning, and I celebrated with two pretzel dogs and a root beer! I parked in the shade, rolled the windows down on what turned out to be a beautiful day, and ate like the crazy hot dog lover that I am!

Hot Dogs are pretty easy to make, right? Well Wienerschnitzel claims to specialize in them. I find that funny, because Wienerschnitzel consistently has some of the worst hot dogs I’ve ever eaten. The dogs are undercooked, small, and the buns are always shriveled up – almost like they’ve been taken right out of the freezer and put in the microwave. But really, a hot dog is pretty hard to screw up, and as hard as Wienerschnitzel may try to break me, they’ll never make me give up the dogs.

After stuffing myself I headed home, met up with my parents, and we all went to a funeral home to view a family friend who died last week. That was pretty creepy. She was a nice lady and my brother and I carpooled with her kids all the way up through like 8th grade.

After that I came home, watched some TV, played some Game Boy, and did some stretching!

Oh, also! I had ice cream! Life is good!

PS – My unprecedented art sale is still underway! It’s not too late to be bidder #1!

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