We got our Arcade PC up and running again. Apparently the joystick controller’s PS2 encoder board died, but Hanaho was quick to send us a replacement and that did the job! Now everybody’s Super Puzzle Fighting it up again!

I just got word that my new car rolled off the assembly line and should be shipped to California soon. I drive a 99 Camry Solara right now and I’m getting an ’02 Camry SE. Why? Because the lease is up on my Solara and there’s too many things that I don’t like about it to keep it forever. For example, I don’t like-

  • Having two doors.
  • They’re too heavy and easy to bang on nearby cars.

  • Having four cylinders
  • There are a ton of hills around my house, and when I go up them my motor really revvs up like I am super race car driver man. I just want to be commuter man.

  • Making people squeeze into the back seat.
  • There’s plenty of room back there, but having to slide up the front seat so they can make it back there is a pain.

  • Not having a sunroof or a moonroof.
  • I like moonroofs, especially when it’s raining! That way I can be like “AHHH!!! It is raining but I am dry! It is a hydro-miracle!!!”

  • Not having a cargo net in the trunk.
  • This is stupid, but it comes standard on the new one, so whoopie!

    The new car will address all of these issues, and I am hoping it will make my two hours of driving every day a happy event! I even spang for the leather and simulated wood grain interior, so I can maybe pretend that I am driving a Lexus!

    Except a few days ago I saw the new Corollas and they are just as nice as the Camrys, but I had already ordered the Camry so oh well.

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