I spent the weekend at Tammy’s and we had fun. Saturday night I watched her play Final Fantasy until 2:30 in the morning! That’s dedication. You so wish you had a video-game-playing girlfriend. Admit it.

Sunday we saw the Time Machine. It was really good! I’d like to compare it to the old 60s version, but I can’t remember too much about that one. I remember it was kind of slow.

Last night it rained like a mofo. We even got some thunder! Whenever we get thunder in Los Angeles we’ll only get like one or two thunderclaps, and then that’s it. The rest of the storm is just rain rain rain. No more thunder, and you’re lucky if you see lightning. That bugs me. I want to hear thunder that rattles the windows and makes you think your house is about to explode! You just don’t see that too much out here.

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