I haven’t been to Disneyland in almost two weeks, and I’m starting to go a little crazy. I just didn’t have the energy to go last Friday after work.

Eric Robison’s new 100 Mickeys exhibit just opened up last week in the Disney Gallery and I’m anxious to sneak a peek! Actually, I’m really looking forward to playing with the new ‘print on demand’ kiosks they’ve got set up there. I hope they’re offering more than just the 100 Mickeys for printing, ’cause I would really like to have a Peoplemover attraction poster.

Also, March 1st is the day that the second pin of the annual passholder dining pin series is released. I’m not much of a pin collector, but I’ve already got the first pin from this limited-edition series, so I might as well get ’em all!

Tammy and I will stop by for lunch on Saturday afternoon and we will get our fix!

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