I drive two hours each day on LA freeways. One hour into LA, and another out. I’m sort of lucky because the 110 freeway really doesn’t have a lot of traffic south of downtown, so I’m always moving.

In the mornings I listen to Jamie White and Danny Bonaduce on 98.7. On the way home I catch the tail end of NPR’s All Things Considered and the first half of Marketplace on KPCC, 89.3.

They are good shows, but they’re very different. Jamie and Danny are cuh-razy. David Broncochio and John Rabe are a pretty sharp contrast to all that galavanting. Sometimes I listen to CDs, but not often. All of my CDs are really old and stale now. I download all of my new music and I never get around to burning any of it onto CDs, so I have to rely on radio for companionship. By and large, I really don’t like the radio. Those shows keep my mind off the drive though, so that’s good.

Driving anywhere on a regular basis can do strange things to the way you perceive the world. Sometimes I’ll be pulling out of the driveway at home, then all of a sudden I notice “Hey, I’m on the freeway. When did this happen?” It’s like I put myself on autopilot. I hope someday I don’t find myself saying “Hey, I’m standing in the middle of the street with my pants down around my ankles and my car is gone! When did this happen?”

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