MAN am I happy today!

Betcha can’t guess why! GUESS WHY!

If you guessed “it’s a girl” then holy moley, you got me. One marvelous girl in particular has caught my eye and I simply can’t get her out of my head.

Her name is Tammy, short for Tamara, and she’s really something. We had met once before through a friend several months ago and nothing really happend…I’d felt no ‘spark.’

We’ve spent the past few months talking online and on the phone getting to know each other a little better, and Friday night I invited her over to hang out. We watched a movie, played some video games (she loves em! YESSSSS!) and listened to music. The cool thing is that for whatever reason, this time there was a spark…and it was a really big one.

In fact, the spark was so big that I mustered up the courage to lay a kiss on her. Right on the lips! That one awe-inspiring kiss cleared the way for at least sixty-thousand more.

I had been thinking about Tammy a lot in the weeks before she came over, and now that I’m sure there’s a mutual interest, I find myself thinking about her even more.

Here come the mush! Note to over-testosteroned boys: you may want to divert your eyes.

Yesterday afternoon it was raining very hard outside. My bed sits right next to the window, so I slid the window all the way open and bundled myself up in my sheets. It was great. I stared out at the falling rain and listened to the sound of raindrops hitting the trees and tried to fall asleep…but I couldn’t. All I could think of was Tammy. I’d open my eyes, and there she was, just being Tammy – the Tammy that I love to talk to, the Tammy that I think about more than anyone else, the Tammy with the beautiful eyes and heavenly voice that I’ve listened to for so long. Just Tammy.

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep with a grin on my face before, but there’s a first time for everything. I even woke up with a smile! How great is that? I haven’t even mentioned the euphoric feeling and the burning in my chest I get whenever I hear her voice.

She’s just so…I don’t know. Independent I guess is a good word for it. I really admire that. She takes on so many responsibities for herself (too many if you ask me,) yet she always has time to help other people, and if she doesn’t have the time, she makes it.

Tammy does things that I could never do; things that I’m too selfish to even consider doing. I really do feel as if I don’t deserve her interest or her time, but so long as she continues to enjoy my company just half as much as I enjoy hers, we’ll get along fine.

More on this situation as it develops.

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